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Single Pole Switches vs Double Pole Switches
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Sockets & Switches

 In many decoration places, the selection and installation of switches and sockets is also one of the important factors that determine the decoration style, but people are easily overlooked it. During the decoration process, many people don't know how to choose the type of switches and sockets, like how many amp sockets should I install, the height of the sockets should be installed, whether we should choose waterproof sockets, etc. Today we will tell you another One of the common problems in decoration is that Do I need single pole or double pole switches? 

What Is A Pole? 

A single pole switch is a rocker switch that controls a branch. For example, there is a light in the bathroom, which is controlled by a switch. The simplest form of this switch is a single pole switch. 

A double pole switch is a switch with two rockers, which controls two branches. For example, the bathroom has a light and an exhaust fan (the same circuit). Controlled by a switch, the simplest form of this switch is a double pole switch. 

Briefly, the number of poles of the switch represents the number of individual switch circuits can be controlled. A single pole switch can only control one current circuit; a double pole switch can control two separate current circuit. 

The difference between single pole switch and double pole switch 

1. The control circuit is different: the single pole switch only controls the live wire, and the double pole switch controls both the live wire and the neutral wire. 

2. The scope of application is different: the single-pole switch is generally suitable for controlling 220V lighting circuits, and can only be used on the branch circuit of the lighting system; the double-pole switch is suitable for 220V switch circuits with leakage protection. The single-pole air switch is used as the control switch of the lighting and air-conditioning circuit; the double-pole air switch is used as the isolating switch of the main entrance. 

3. The single-pole control wire in the air switch is 1 wire; the double pole control wire is two wires, 1 control live wire and 1 control neutral wire. There is only one switch in the single-pole switch, and there are two independent switches in the double-pole switch. 

4. The single pole switch has only one inlet and outlet; there is a leakage protection device in the double pole switch, and there are two inlet and outlet ends. 

5. The neutral line should enter the double pole switch. The double pole switch controls the live wire and the neutral circuit at the same time. If the neutral circuit does not enter the circuit breaker, the double pole switch will not work; the neutral circuit cannot enter the single pole switch, otherwise accidents will easily occur. 

Do I need a double pole or single pole socket? 

Whilst a single pole socket is generally cheaper it is always preferred that customers/electricians install double pole sockets for safer isolation of the plugged in appliances.

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